The Kin Kin Hotel, circa 1940s The Kin Kin Hotel, circa 1940

The pub at Kin Kin has stood as witness to more than a century of country life; through flood, fire, and fable. As the custodians of over 100 years of local history, we're committed to preserving the heritage significance of this much loved icon through a considered rejuvenation.

We are quite literally working from the ground up to create a unique destination for all comers. Our menu will honour local provenance, seasonality, and simplicity, while championing the discovery of novel food and dining experiences.

As we continue to forge partnerships with local artisans, merchants and producers to work towards this vision, we invite you to pull up a seat in the barn to watch the next chapter of history unfold.

The Kin Kin Hotel

• re-opening in 2023 •

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As we now embark on the main building renovations of the Kin Kin Hotel, the normal trading hours of the pub will be suspended. We expect the renovations to last several months. During this period, we will be announcing occasional opening times and a few pop-up dining events to maintain some form a pub offering in Kin Kin while we undergo these essential works.

Our renovations will be focused on restoring the original heritage Hotel back to its former glory. We will be making repairs to the verandah using local native hardwoods just as it was constructed in 1914; we will reinstate the bar in the main building with the historical memorabilia intact; and the rooms upstairs will be relaunched with a similar heritage plan.

We have had a tremendous show of support for the interim pub garden program that has been running during these summer months. It has been an invaluable learning experience for us to assess how we will best renovate the pub to protect from future flooding events, and how to orientate our future trading program to become a more family friendly offering with great food, local ambience, and a place to gather with other members of the community while maintaining the rural identity of Kin Kin.

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